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Loads on poles

Newton’s laws of motion In the 17th century Sir Isaac Newton developed three laws that explain why things move (or don’t move) in the way they do. They are commonly known as Newton’s laws of motion. These laws apply to all types of objects including planets and power poles (as long as their speed is

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Conductor Blowout

When wind acts on a conductor span the conductor blows to the side. This is an important consideration in checking clearances to objects like buildings or for creating an easement for the line. Blowout may also be relevant to ensuring conductors don’t arc due to being too close together. There are several variables that affect

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Timber Pole as Strut

In literature you will find statements like this describing how to analyse a timber distribution pole: Because directly embedded wood poles are generally very flexible, it has traditionally been assumed that all the transverse load is picked up by the guys, leaving no moment at the base of the pole. With this “column” analysis, the

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Conductor sizes

When looking for properties of a conductor, or trying to match a conductor with one in the Poles ‘n’ Wires database, you need to be able to interpret the description you have for the cable. An example is the conductor labelled 19/.128 AAC. If you can’t find the properties for a cable with .128 in

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Sag errors in high temperature lines

With the need for increased load capacity on existing lines, it is economically attractive to run a line at a higher temperature than originally designed. A higher operational temperature allows for a higher current. This approach avoids the need to buy new conductor or to strengthen or replace existing poles. However, running a line at

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