Free Software Tools

These tools are provided as a free service. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Pole Type Importer

Create a spreadsheet containing data for new Pole Types then import it into the Poles database, rather than entering data manually.

Conductor Bundle Size Calculator

You need to know the overall diameter of a conductor bundle for wind loading. This tool does a calculation for up to 6 sub-conductors, determining the diameter of the smallest circle that will enclose the grouping of circles (sub-conductors).

Download the tool from It does not need to be installed.

Clone and Modify a Conductor Record

You may need to create a new conductor derived from an existing conductor eg a twinned conductor, where the only difference is mass and diameter. You can select the “base” conductor and create the new record more easily than direct interaction with the Database interface.

  1. Select the base conductor from the list of existing conductors
  2. Enter the new code (must be unique in the database)
  3. Enter the new mass and diameter
  4. Click Save to database
  5. You need to restart Poles ‘n’ Wires to use the new conductor

Download the tool from It does not need to be installed.