Price list

Single licence
Linear version
Installation on a single computer
Linear version suitable for most projects
Single licence
Non-linear version
Includes non-linear calculation methods
Non-linear methods allow for higher conductor tensions
This version of the software is required for use in USA
Student Version
Linear/non-linear version
A one year licence for verified students
If you are a student or undertaking a Line design course you can get a licence of the software valid for one year, subject to verification of your student credentials.
Portable licence
Use on multiple computers
Upgrade an existing licence
This licence upgrade allows you to use one licence on multiple computer using a USB dongle
Pole data, Options
Buy pole data sets and Options for common utilities
Pole data sets - $250 each
Options sets - $120 each

The prices shown are in Australian Dollars per licence. The fee reduces as more licences are purchased by a company.

Australian customers add GST to these prices.

Licence prices include six months support/upgrades.

There is an optional (and recommended) annual support/upgrades fee, expiring on 31 October each year.

For information about Server licences contact