Items for sale, and other fees

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Items for sale, and other fees

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Pole data sets

When specifying pole properties (length etc) you can enter details manually or create entries in the database and refer to those. These data sets are ready to import into the database.

The following pole data sets are for sale:

  • Ausgrid wood poles
  • Ergon wood poles
  • Essential Energy wood poles
  • Essential Energy steel & concrete poles
  • Endeavour Energy poles
  • Rocla concrete poles
  • Energex poles
  • Titan concrete poles

You need purchase only one copy of any set for use on all installations of Poles ‘n’ Wires in your business. The data sets are $250 +GST each. All amounts are in Australian dollars.

You can of course enter data into any of the data tables yourself. Instructions are in the user manual.

Options sets

The following Option sets (containing all relevant settings) are available, prices marked.

  • Ausgrid, $120 +GST
  • Endeavour Energy, $120 +GST
  • Essential Energy, $240 +GST

As for the pole data, you can set up the software yourself for any utility using the relevant standards and utility documents. Instructions are in the user manual.

The above data is updated from time to time as needed and the updates are distributed to purchasers at no further cost.

Fees for other services

A Schedule of Fees is available from

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