Back up important files

Back up important files

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Poles ‘n’ Wires has important data files that should be part of a regular backup regimen. I read somewhere if you don’t have at least 3 copies of a file it is not important to you.

These files are:

Version 6 (located in the program directory)
  • pnw.mdb
  • polesnwires.ini
  • options.ini
  • register.dat
Version 7 (located in the data directory C:\ProgramData\PowerMation\PolesnWires)
  • pnwdata.xml
  • pnw.ini
  • pnwdata-custom-poles.xml.
  • licence.dat

If any of these files become corrupted the program will not operate correctly.

Backup systems are easy to implement. Contact us at if you need assistance or recommendations about backup systems.