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Background colour of window

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You can change the background colour of the Tipload window if the default colour does not suit you. It requires manual editing of a configuration file.

  1. Download and unzip the contents. It will create a new directory.
  2. In the new directory run colourpicker.exe
  3. Select the desired colour and copy the text that represents the colour. It will be a string like #AABBCCDD
  4. go to the Poles ‘n’ Wires data directory (C:\ProgramData\PowerMation\PolesnWires)
  5. open options.ini with a text editor
  6. at the end of the file add the lines


(replacing the value with the value from the Colour picker tool)

If those lines are already in the file just edit the value

  1. Save and close the file

When the tipload module opens the colour value you have entered will be used.

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