Where is blowout reported?

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Where is blowout reported?

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The profile module calculates conductor blowout as part of the results. Blowout is a horizontal distance, midspan, perpendicular to the line.

Blowout is reported in these places in the Profiler:

  • PDF report
  • Excel circuits report (Reports>circuit details)
  • in the plan view DXF export you can measure off the blowout. The blowout curve displayed does not have any allowance for crossarm length. The curve is displayed as if the conductor is attached to the centre of each pole.

In addition to the Profiler

  • the Stringing Table generator can create a blowout table
  • the Sag-Tension module shows blowout for the single span

Blowout is measured as between the attachment points ie no allowance is made for crossarm length. Blowout is as if the conductors are attached to the centre of the poles.

Blowout is calculated based on settings in Options.

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