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Change type of licence

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You may need to change the type of licence for your installation for example from a standalone licence to a portable licence.

Version 7

Run ChangeLicenceType.exe in the version 7 program directory (default location C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerMation\Poles ‘n’ Wires). Select the new licence type then click Apply. Next time you restart the program it will use the new licence type.

Version 6

To change an existing standalone licence to a portable licence run the portable_licence_setup exe file on the USB with the portable licence.

To change a portable licence to a standalone licence follow these steps:

  1. There is a licence type variable in the file polesnwires.ini in the version 6 program directory (default location c:\polesnwires). Open polesnwires.ini with notepad
  2. find the line regtype=x (x being a number). Change the number to 0
  3. save and close polesnwires.ini

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