What to do with a database file

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What to do with a database file

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If you do designs for a power utility they may give your their Poles ‘n’ Wires database file so you can use the same data as they use. This will be an XML file, the default name is pnwdata.xml. What do you do with this file?

If that utility is your only design area

Save the file into the Data directory replacing the existing file. If you need help finding the data directory see this post https://polesnwires.com/knowledge-base/version-7-installation-directories/

If you work in multiple utility areas

You can save this file alongside your usual database file, so both are available depending on what area a particular project is based in.

  1. rename the data file to something else eg pnwdata_utility.xml
  2. put it in the data directory (as above)
  3. create an Option Set for this utility (you’d probably need to do this anyway to use their options for calculations). See section 4.3 of the User manual.
  4. on the General tab in Options type the filename you created in step 1 into the field “database name”. This will cause the program to use the utility database when you are using the utility option set.

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