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Follow these instructions to install version 7 of Poles ‘n’ Wires.

  1. Get the setup package
  2. Install the package. You will need admin rights to install it.

You will need some other software too. For licencing or other reasons this software cannot be bundled with Poles ‘n’ Wires but Poles ‘n’ Wires makes use of it.

Ghostscript. Install

DWG converter. If you want to export the profile to a DWG file for use in other software then you need this converter provided by Install the appropriate version for your computer from If you don’t use this converter the export will be in DXF format.

Java runtime. If you want to use the latitude/longitude import option you will need the Java runtime. This software may already be installed on your computer. You can check if it is using these steps:

  1. Open a command window (Start>search> type cmd and press enter)
  2. In the command window type java -version
  3. If you see a report showing version details then java is installed

If java is not installed then download and run

The JDK is open source software but this installer includes only the components that Poles ‘n’ Wires requires. The entire JDK package including all modules, source code and licences is available from


Updates to the software are available if you have a current support/upgrades subscription.

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