Option set name not displaying in Options Window

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Option set name not displaying in Options Window

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When you save or load an option set file the name of the file should be displayed in the title bar of the Options window so you know what set is in use. If the name is not displaying there may be a permission issue.

Version 7 uses two directories on your computer. The program directory (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\PowerMation\Poles ‘n’ Wires) is where the program files are stored. Users do not normally have access to this directory. Data files such has the licence file and database are stored in a separate directory C:\ProgramData\PowerMation\PolesnWires. You should have read/write access to this directory but if an Admin user other than yourself installed the program on your computer you may not.


  1. go to the data directory through the shortcut in the Windows Start menu.
  2. check the Permissions on the directory and make sure your user ID has Full permission on it.

This issue applies only to version 7.

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