Recovering after an error

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Recovering after an error

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When working on a profile, you may make a wrong step, or the computer or program may have a failure. You can usually recover from this.

Undo function

Under the Entities menu there is the Undo function. When the profile is refreshed (after making some change to the details eg inserting or editing a pole) a snapshot is taken of the profile before it is redrawn. The Undo function steps back to the previous snapshot. About 10 snapshots are stored. Redo (stepping forward) is not available.

Autosaved files

The Option setting Autosave interval sets how many minutes between the profile being saved to an backup file. Autosaved files are placed in the system TEMP directory. To locate an autosaved file:

  1. Go the the system temp directory. The easiest way to find this is to open My Computer and type %temp% in the location.
  2. Sort files so most recent are at the top
  3. Look for files named like tmpxxxx.pnwx

When you have found the file from the appropriate time you can open it in the Profiler because it is just a profile project file.

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