Text on windows overlapping or too small

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Text on windows overlapping or too small

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There is a known issue of text “overflowing” on top of other text, or text not being fully visible or too small. This occurs because the program window is not scaled correctly for high density screens. Many programs are affected by this issue, not just Poles ‘n’ Wires.

Below is a screen shot from the Profiler Segments window, with several examples of the problem circled.

A workaround for this is to change the way Windows deals with the scaling. The exact steps will vary for different versions of Windows but the following are typical:

  1. Go to the program directory (default location is c:\Program Files (x86)\PowerMation\Poles ‘n’ Wires 7)
  2. right click on pnw.net.exe
  3. click on Properties
  4. click on Compatibility
  5. click on Change high DPI settings
  6. tick Override high DPI scaling behaviour
  7. select System from the dropdown
  8. click OK

After following these steps the window shown above looks like this:

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