Poles ‘n’ Wires

Poles ‘n’ Wires – Line Design Software

for the Distribution Network

Poles ‘n’ Wires is a package of related modules, giving the user all the tools they need to design a new line or assess an existing line. You can look at one pole or a whole line.

Behind the interface is a database, including conductors, timber species, poles and pole-top constructions. Additionally, users set up the Options to suit the parameters of the governing power utility or standards.

Poles ‘n’ Wires is designed to be a versatile tool for all the requirements of Distribution network operators and consultants.

This software is also suitable for Transmission line designers to prepare a quick concept plan without the time and effort required by commonly used  transmission line software.



A CAD type interface allows you to insert ground line, poles and conductors to create a line profile. Check for clearances between ground and wires or between circuits.

Pole loadings (called tiploads in this software) are automatically calculated and displayed, from the data in the profile, or can be manually modified.

Import survey data in various formats, generate reports and export to CAD.


A module performing assessment of a single pole, taking into account all circuits, plant and stays. Load combinations are created in Options allowing one calculation to show multiple results, eg no wind/everyday, maximum wind or maintenance loads.

Using a pole from the database will give a percent utilized as part of the result.

Import a spreadsheet for processing of large data sets. Generate a PDF report.


Enter properties of a new or in-situ pole and calculate the theoretical full or degraded strength. Use working stress or limit state methods.

A batch import function allows rapid processing of large amounts of data from pole inspection programmes.

Assessed poles can be saved for use in tipload or profile projects allowing full modelling of an existing line.


Generate spreadsheets showing a range of temperatures and span lengths, for sag or tensions.


A standalone module to examine a single span. You can use linear (as used in most locations) or non-linear (as used in North America) calculation methods.

Enter conductor, span and loadings details and see the results. You can also determine stringing tension from field measurements of an existing span.


Behind the calculators lie comprehensive user-editable databases and options. The default conductor database is based on common Standards and manufacturer data.

Users can modify or add to existing data, and model all their local equipment.

Using equipment from the databases in the Profiler allows generation of a Bill of Materials through our companion software Nuts ‘n’ Bolts.

Poles ‘n’ Wires produces results generally compliant with the requirements of the following documents:

  • ENA HB C(b)1 1991 (Australia & New Zealand)
  • IEEE National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)
  • AS/NZS7000:2016
  • BS EN 50341-1:2001
  • BS EN 50423-1:2005
  • IEC 60826:2003
  • USDA Rural Utilities Service bulletins
  • California General Order 95

Customer List – Poles ‘n’ Wires

This list may not be comprehensive because some customers may
have asked for their details to be withheld, or it may not be up to date.
Last updated October 2021.

3E Consulting Engineers
AOK Designs
Acculec Pty Ltd
Acme Automated Solutions Pty Ltd
Active Energy
Advanced Consulting Services
Aftermath Engineering Services
AKH Design
Alliance Power and Data
Ampflo Pty Ltd
Arup Australasia Pty Ltd
Ashburner Francis
Auspower Connect Pty Ltd
BHP Billiton
Bilfinger Berger
Blue Frog Design
Boschetti Industries
Cardno ITC
Cavill Consulting Engineers
CDA Electrical Consulting
Connect Infrastructure
Connell Wagner
CV Energy Services
DEP Consulting
Direct Engineering
Edge Electrical Design
EFK Consulting Engineers
Electrical Design Solutions
Electrical Reticulation Design Services Pty Ltd
Elston Electrical Consulting
Emu Power Design Pty Ltd
Energetic Power Designs
Energy Queensland
Enpower Solutions
Essential Network Design
FJA Consulting Engineers
FortEng Pty Ltd
Geddes Design & Electrical
GHD Pty Ltd
Great Southern Electrical
Gridscape Pty Ltd
Harris Kmon Solutions Pty Ltd
Henderson Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
Hills Power
Ho & Lee Engineering Consultants
ICD Asia Pacific
iEngineering Australia Pty Ltd
J & P Richardson Industries
JDG Consulting
Jeannotte Engineering
Jesh Group Pty Ltd
JHA Consulting Engineers
JL Electrical Design
John Wilson & Partners
KMD Design & Drafting Services
Lend Lease
Lucid Consulting Australia
Millwell Services
Minor Project Power Planning
MRA Tech Services Pty Ltd
NEEC Pty Ltd
Network Electrical Engineering Pty Ltd
Norman Disney & Young
Northrop Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
Paul Anthony Electrical Pty Ltd
Peter Eustace & Associates Pty Ltd
Pole Foundations
Pomelo Consulting Pty Ltd
Power Control Engineers
Power Line Design Pty Ltd
Power Solutions Pty Ltd
Power Visions Pty Ltd
Powerline Design
Powerplant Project Services
Preferred Energy Pty Ltd
Quanta Lines
Rio Tinto
Robin Russell & Associates Pty Ltd
Rudds Consulting Engineers
Safeline Engineering Services
Salem Power Engineers
Seymour Electrical
Shelmerdines Consulting Engineers
SimpleX Engineering Services
Spectral Electrical Energy Design
Steve Cunningham Electrical Design and Drafting
Stowe Australia
Stride Engineering Pty Ltd
Sustainable Energy Network Solutions
Tenix Australia
TFL Consulting & Design Services Pty Ltd
Toni Mury & Associates Pty Ltd
TPE Integrated Services
Transfield Services
Tridec Services
UEA Electrical Pty Ltd
Waterman International
Webb Australia Group
Western Power
Wood & Grieve Engineers
WSP Group
Zinfra Group

Buller Electricity Ltd
Connetics Ltd
Delta Ltd
Edison Consulting Group Ltd
Electrix Ltd
Independent Line Services Ltd
Network Tasman Ltd
Network Waitaki Ltd
Orion New Zealand Ltd
PowerNet Limited
WEL Networks
WSP New Zealand

Electro-Mechanical & Communication Engineers, Jordan

-- AFRICA --
Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi Limited
Ferdsult Engineering Services, Uganda
Energya Power And Telecom Solutions, Egypt
Geo-Technology Consultants Ltd, Tanzania
Linec Services Ltd, Kenya
Kenya Power, Kenya
AC PowerLink, Malawi
S.I.T.E Engineering, Malawi

-- ASIA --
Hyder Consulting, Phillipines
PT ODG Indonesia
XS CAD, India

Great River Energy, MN